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Brian Gilroy

Brian Gilroy​

Brian Gilroy

Attorney at Law
Adaptability is in my blood. My father was a career Naval Officer and we moved every two years during the first eighteen years of my life. After graduating from Villanova University as an NROTC student, I was commissioned in the United States Navy and immediately went off to my first duty station in Pensacola, Florida for Naval Flight School.
“I focus on making sure you understand the legal process, as well as the short- and long-term effects of your decisions.”

Brian Gliroy

During my professional career, I have worn a number of different hats: a Naval Navigator, a college assistant professor teaching Naval engineering and leadership classes, a small business restaurant entrepreneur, an office manager and CPA of a local accounting practice, and the owner of a sole-proprietorship law firm focusing on business and personal taxes, wills & trusts, physician services, real estate, and family law services, and a mediator working county, family and circuit civil cases.

If there is one thing in my life that has been consistent it has been change. Whether it is moving to new schools or changing careers, I have always adapted to my new environment quickly, thriving in whatever these new challenges required.


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United States Navy

United States Navy