Avoiding a legal dispute is likely your number one priority in many situations. Working with a facilitator can help you do just that.

Facilitation is ideal when parties are in a state of potential dispute – not quite there but headed that way if nothing intervenes. If both sides are interested in discussing the matter in an effort to resolve it before it spirals into a problem, facilitation can help.

Facilitators work with parties who are not seeing eye-to-eye on a matter. There might be tension in their views and sometimes there are other interpersonal or relationship difficulties in play. The facilitator ensures the discussions stay on track and are as constructive as possible, even under difficult circumstances.

Facilitation focuses on achieving a better understanding of one another, which can help to avoid future disputes. It can also diffuse a brewing conflict and prevent the destruction of a mutually beneficial relationship. And though the process has many similarities to mediation, it occurs before a dispute has arisen.

If you believe facilitation might be right for you, Brian Gilroy can help.

Brian is an experienced facilitator who has worked with people in St. Petersburg, Florida and throughout the surrounding area. He has brought people together who are encountering differences and helped them discuss their issues before a legal issues arises. This not only saves frustration and money, it can help to preserve an existing relationship.

For more information or to speak with Brian about the benefits of facilitation in St. Petersburg, Florida, contact him at 727.249.7200 or by email at bkgmediation@gmail.com.