If you are about to embark on mediation, a mediating lawyer can be a valuable resource.

Mediating lawyers guide you through the process and provide the information you need to take control of your situation.

Mediators never dictate an outcome or insist anyone adhere to a resolution. Resolving the matter remains in the hands of those who are most affected by the outcome, but the mediator makes it easier to explore all possible solutions, but it can be difficult when you are unfamiliar with the legal system to make important decisions about a matter.

That is where a mediating lawyer comes in. He or she can help you determine what option will work best for you and how to negotiate throughout the mediation.

A mediating lawyer can help you make the most of mediation and ensure that it is successful – and helps you avoid the expense and frustration of litigation.

If you need an experienced mediating lawyer in St. Petersburg, Florida, Brian Gilroy can help.

Brian has worked with clients in St. Petersburg, Florida and throughout the area who have opted to try mediation. He offers support and guidance when you need it most. He has spent time on both sides of mediation – both as a mediator and a mediating attorney – so he knows how the process works and how to make the most of the opportunity it provides to people who are hoping to avoid the courtroom.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Brian, contact him at 727.249.7200 or by email at bkgmediation@gmail.com.