As an online mediator, Brian Gilroy provides mediation services that are convenient to all parties involved.

Brian is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, but can assist people throughout the country with mediation by working online.

An online mediator works in much the same way as an in-person mediator and the process is also much the same. Mediation, whether it is performed in person or online, provides a number of benefits. It makes it easier to resolve legal disputes, and reduces the time and cost associated with finding a resolution. Mediation also puts those involved in the dispute directly in control of its outcome.

There are also benefits found in online mediation that might not be present for in-person mediation sessions. For example, working online eliminates some of the issues non-verbal communication can cause. It can also help people feel more comfortable and able to let down their guard during discussions because they are in a familiar, non-intimidating environment.

In many ways, online mediation takes an improved situation and makes it even better.

If you believe online mediation might be right for you, Brian Gilroy can help.

Brian’s experience as a mediator makes him qualified to assist people online with their legal disputes. He is able to keep discussions focused on the topic at hand and can help parties involved evaluate their options for resolution.

If you would like to know more about online mediation or you are ready to schedule a consultation, contact Brian at 727.249.7200 or by email at