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Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Here are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Compared to the litigation process, mediation offers numerous benefits. Visit this link for more information.

Some of the benefits of divorce mediation include:

It is Cheaper

Various sources estimate that mediation costs at 70% less than litigating a divorce. There are no legal fees involved. This means that you can save money on the divorce resolution. Read about The Primary Role of a Lawyer in Divorce Cases here.

You Set the Schedule

Divorce mediation allows you to select a time that works best for everyone. This way, a divorce can be resolved efficiently. This is unlike depending on a court docket that can have regular scheduling conflicts and delays.

No Formal Procedures

Mediation offers flexibility. No technical procedural rules are dictating the process. This way, you can set comfortable ground rules. Also, mediation allows both parties enough time to tell their stories. This is unlike in court, where the jury rush through a case to get to the next matter on the docket.

It is Less Adversarial

The point of divorce mediation is to reach an agreement on issues that must be decided when couples split up. You can work together with your divorce lawyer to reach the best possible solutions.

BKG Mediation, LLC provides clients with experienced, knowledgeable, and respected divorce lawyers. You can count on our mediators to help you through the legal process and efficiently transition to the next phase of your life.

BKG Mediation, LLC

BKG Mediation can help you resolve your disputes and family issues so that all parties are satisfied with the resolution.

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