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Common Misconceptions about Divorce Mediation

Here are Misconceptions about Divorce Mediation

Various misconceptions prevent spouses from resolving their divorce issues through mediation. As the best family lawyers and mediators, at BKG Mediation, LLC, we spend a great deal of time educating spouses on the benefits of choosing to mediate their divorce. Look here for more about Petersburg, FL.

Some of the misconceptions we’d like to clear out include:

Mediation Doesn’t Work in High-Conflict Cases

Most people believe that divorce mediation is only suitable for amicable couples. However, mediation is best suited to assisting couples in high conflict to work through their differences and reach a fair settlement. Click here to read about Factors To Consider When Hunting for A Divorce Lawyer.

The Mediator Makes the Decision for You

The belief that a divorce lawyer will tell spouses what to do is a very common misunderstanding. In actual fact, the best thing about the mediation process is that spouses retain control over all decisions and settlements reached. The mediator only works as a neutral support system for both parties. They help the parties identify every issue that they need to resolve the divorce. They also facilitate the discussions, so the parties reach a mutual agreement.

To sum up, divorce mediation allows couples to avoid the stress and expense of long protracted court battles. At BKG Mediation, LLC, we use our expertise and skills to give clients a suitable atmosphere to resolve their divorce issues.

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