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Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce Mediation

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process where spouses voluntarily participate in a joint effort to reach a fair divorce resolution. A divorce lawyer or mediator facilitates the discussions between the parties and addresses the barriers to resolution. See further information here.

Why is Divorce Mediation More Effective?

The process is more effective because it gives parties the chance to discuss their issues before they agree to a resolution. It also gives the spouses time to think about and digest the information from each mediation session. Learn more about Mediation Basics You Need To Know.

Why is Divorce Mediation Cost-Effective?

Divorce mediation is more cost-effective because it is faster and direct. Most couples come to mediation ready to work on divorce issues and learn how to communicate better. The willingness translates into a less expensive divorce than litigation.

Is there a Legally Binding Settlement?

Yes. The mediation sessions often close with a signed agreement. A divorce lawyer will draft the agreements that the parties reached, review them together and allow them to sign.

How is Divorce Mediation Different from Arbitration?

In divorce mediation, the parties have more control over their future. A divorce lawyer will be a process expert and not a decision-maker. They help their clients reach an agreement but do not dictate or impose a settlement.

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