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Importance of an Initial Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

How the Initial Consultation will Help You Decide on the Next Steps

Scheduling an initial divorce consultation is a significant step. It provides you with a toolbox of information that allows you to reflect on your situation and decide on the next steps. Learn more facts here.

Some of the benefits of the initial consultation with a divorce mediator include:

Getting Educated

Every situation is unique. A productive initial consultation allows you to discuss the aspects of your divorce. These issues might include child custody, spousal support, and division of assets and liabilities. Read about Common Misconceptions about Divorce Mediation here.

Interviewing the Divorce Mediator

Websites only provide biographical information, but a physical meeting will provide first-hand knowledge of a lawyer’s personality and demeanor. You will get to question the lawyer about their experience and strategies they can use to resolve your divorce issues.

Determining Your Strategy

The first consultation with a divorce lawyer will help you determine your strategy. This often depends on your situation. It helps you think about what post-divorce life will look like. Based on this, you can choose a strategy that will foster the best possible outcomes.

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