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Top Questions To Ask When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Here are the Questions You Should Ask a Potential Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is often sad. However, it doesn’t have to be financially and emotionally devastating if you choose the right lawyer. Here are questions you should ask when interviewing your divorce lawyer. Find further facts here.

What are your Qualifications?

Being a lawyer is a great qualification. However, it doesn’t affirm that the mediator has the background and expertise to handle the different aspects of divorce. Therefore, choose a lawyer who has the education, training, and extensive life experiences in handling divorce. The lawyer will be able to help you through the stages of sadness and anger encountered during the divorce. Read about Characteristics of a Great Divorce Lawyer here.

How Can You Describe Your Meditation Style?

Most divorce lawyers adhere to two mediation styles. These are facilitative and directive styles. A good lawyer will clearly describe the style they will use to help you reach a fair settlement.

How Long is Each Mediation Session?

An experienced divorce mediation lawyer will break the process into several sessions. Each session will have a time limit of at least two hours. Your lawyer should have a time limit that maximizes productivity. They should ensure that each party has enough time to think about and digest all the information from the session.

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