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Which are the Different Styles of Divorce Mediation?

The Common Styles of Divorce Mediation

Couples who choose to use mediation for their divorce process often don’t understand that there are three styles of divorce mediation. The styles vary in various ways, and the style your divorce lawyer is skilled in will significantly affect the experience you’re signing up for. In this article, BKG Mediation, LLC has discussed the aspects of each style. More facts can be seen here.

Facilitative Mediation

Facilitative mediation is the earliest form of mediation. In this case, a divorce lawyer creates an atmosphere that fosters each party to have a voice in the divorce process. The lawyer asks relevant questions to elicit the underlying concerns, fears, and interests. They encourage the couple to come up with their agreements on various divorce aspects. Learn more about Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Divorce Lawyer.

Transformative Mediation

Transformative mediation is a newer concept in mediation. It involves empowering each party and recognizing the needs, values, and interests of both parties. The foundation of this concept is self-determination. This is the parties’ ability to craft their own process and solutions.

Evaluative Mediation

In evaluative mediation, a divorce lawyer holds a separate meeting with the couple. They then move back and forth from one spouse to the other. In this case, the mediator makes relevant recommendations and directly influences the outcome.

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