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Family Law Attorney in St. Petersburg, Florida

According to the most recent statistics provided by the United States Census Bureau, Florida’s marriage rate is 15.2%, with a divorce rate of 8.1%, which means that more than half of Florida marriages end in divorce.

If you are one of the many St. Petersburg, Florida residents facing the difficult prospect of divorce, it is vital to speak with a compassionate, skilled family law attorney to ensure that your interests are represented during divorce proceedings, alimony, and child custody matters.

BKG Mediation, LLC is committed to providing you with legal support throughout the emotionally draining experience of divorce. My goal as a family law attorney is to use my years of legal experience to support you through the legal process and help you reach a fair resolution so you can begin to rebuild your life. I am proud to represent clients in St. Petersburg and the wider Pinellas County area and throughout the state of Florida.


If you’re going through a divorce, or just beginning the divorce process, it can feel completely overwhelming. I understand. At BKG Mediation, LLC, I provide legal representation and strong support to individuals and families in St. Petersburg and the rest of Florida. It is important to work with a truly knowledgeable family law attorney who can handle the complex requirements involved when alimony, child support, and child custody issues are at stake.

There are two types of divorce in Florida: dissolution of marriage, and simplified dissolution.

Move Forward with Confidence


Divorce in Florida is also called a dissolution of marriage. As part of the dissolution process, you will be required to disclose your financial information, partake in mediation with your spouse, and come to a settlement agreement about asset division, alimony, child custody, and child support issues. If you can agree on these terms, you will stand before a judge who will finalize your agreement; however, many divorces end up in a contested hearing, where a judge must decide the final terms.

Simplified Dissolution

A simplified dissolution is an option for individuals who meet certain criteria for divorce. Although a streamlined dissolution can take place without legal representation, it is advisable to contact a divorce attorney to provide legal advice throughout the process.


Alimony is a court-ordered spousal support payment you decide upon during the divorce process. The amount of alimony payment is based on the length of the marriage and the economic need of the spouse requesting alimony. Different types of alimony may be awarded that include bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational, and permanent.

Family Law & Children

When children are present in a marriage, child support and child custody become high-stakes issues during the divorce proceedings. BKG Mediation can represent you in these emotional matters and help you achieve a fair resolution.

Child Custody

Child custody refers to who has legal rights to a child. Custody hearings can be highly contested and require an experienced family law attorney who knows what your rights are and what documentation to provide in your case to have a fair chance at being awarded the custody situation that is best for your child.

Child Support

Child support is monetary support that is decided on behalf of a child. It is meant to provide a child with food, clothing, and shelter and to ensure that after a divorce, one parent is not left to care for a child by themselves.

If you are dealing with family law issues in St. Petersburg, Florida, contact an experienced family law attorney. Family law is notoriously difficult to navigate, and without proper representation, you could lose your assets or preferred custody of your child.

Family Law Attorney
in St. Petersburg, Florida

Whether you are dealing with a divorce or child custody situation, hiring an experienced family law attorney is critical to ensure that your rights are represented during the legal process. BKG Mediation, LLC can fight for your rights and work to help you reach a fair divorce or child custody settlement. Contact me at BKG Mediation, LLC today.