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In-Person Mediation

Face-To-Face Conversations Are the Key to Mediation

Whether it is a business dispute or a personal issue, solve it civilly with in-person mediation. Mediation is a face-to-face meeting between the parties and a mediator, in which the parties work out a resolution while the mediator guides them to a solution.

As an experienced mediator, we can use Alternative Dispute Resolution to help uncover the facts. We are committed to helping clients find solutions that will get them back together or move forward on good terms.

In-Person Mediation Practice Areas

At BKG Mediation, it is understood that resolving disputes can be stressful. Brian Gilroy is experienced in the variety of challenges that come with in-person mediation.

From business disagreements to family disputes, BKG Mediation is well-versed in efficiently and effectively resolving these issues.

Family Disputes

Healthy dialogue is a vital part of a healthy family. Settle disputes with your family from the comfort of your home with our in-person mediation.

Landlord Disputes

If you find yourself in a dispute with your landlord, BKG Mediation provides in-person mediation services to help you reach a mutual agreement.
In-Person Mediation

Contract Disputes

Disputing a business contract, housing contract, or any other contract? Schedule a meeting with BKG Mediation for in-person mediation services.

Business Disputes

BKG Mediation knows that a business dispute can be stressful. Schedule an in-person session with us today to start working towards a resolution.

Benefits of In-Person Mediation

Flexibility: The parties seeking mediation set their own schedule and can suggest personalized solutions to many conflicts. This further allows parties to come up with win/win solutions that work best for both sides.

Fast: Mediation takes days or weeks to resolve a conflict. It is a lot faster than lawsuits which can take months and even years to resolve. If you are looking for a speedy process, in-person mediation is a great choice.

Complete Control: The parties have complete control over the case. They can leave mediation at any time, and since they are in control, they must come up with agreed-upon settlements, resulting in mutual satisfaction.