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Awesome Activities to Enjoy in St. Petersburg

By: Brian Gilroy January 21, 2021 11:33 am

Awesome Activities to Enjoy in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg boasts various flavors of festivals as one of the state’s best metropolitan cities. It has many exciting attractions and recreational centers that will keep you returning for more if you’re visiting the Sunshine City. Learn more facts here.

Florida Holocaust Museum

You will find one of the US largest Holocaust museums in St. Petersburg. They titled the core exhibit Hope, Heritage, and History. These exhibits cover the entire first floor. The center presents events with a direct, simple, and moving flow you will find quite powerful to experience. You will also find the original video, photographs, and artifacts beginning with courageous aftermath, following the rise of Hitler, and life before World War II. You can also get an education about other human rights issues the world faces today at the museum. Read about Best Attractions in St. Petersburg, FL here.

Skyway Fishing Pier State Park

You will discover the longest fishing pier in the world in St. Petersburg. They turned the current bridge into a pier with the new Sunshine Skyway Bridge building that connects Sarasota with St. Petersburg. That brought a lot of excitement for Anglers. You can relax all day while parking next to your favorite fishing spot. The pier lights will also attract several different fishes when the sun goes down. Expect to see sheepshead, king mackerel, Spanish, pompano, red snapper, snook, Cobia, grouper, tarpon, and more at the pier.

Brian Gilroy

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