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Benefits of A Prenuptial Agreement

By: Brian Gilroy January 25, 2021 9:30 am

Benefits of A Prenuptial Agreement

Most times, people believe that their union will last forever when they marry. However, several marriages end in divorce. That is why family law attorneys at BKG Mediation, LLC, St. Petersburg, consider it a must for people to protect themselves with a prenuptial agreement. As such, you will have a legal document that will spell out how you will divide your assets if your marriage ends. You won’t also have to deal with an expensive and lengthy court battle. There are lots of benefits anyone can have with a prenuptial agreement, whether for an adult child or their marriage. Learn more here.

Some of the other benefits include:

Guarantee a Fair Distribution of Assets

If you have more money than your spouse, you may be at risk of losing much wealth in a divorce when you marry someone with significantly fewer assets. You may need to protect what you earned before marriage with a prenuptial agreement if your partner is in a different situation or marrying with many assets. Learn more about Why Your Prenuptial Agreement Can Be Invalid.

Ensure Family Assets Stay in the Family

You can benefit from an heir getting a prenuptial agreement, even if you don’t want one for yourself. Parents may ask their adult children to sign the prenuptial agreement because they don’t want a former son or daughter-in-law to inherit any of the wealth they plan to leave behind.

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