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Best Things You Can Do in St. Petersburg, FL

By: Brian Gilroy January 21, 2021 11:31 am

Best Things You Can Do in St. Petersburg, FL

St Petersburg is indeed transforming itself into the best southern holiday destination by renewing interest in the historic district and redeveloping the waterfront, the city’s best feature. There are several best things you can do in St Petersburg when you visit the city. Discover more about St. Petersburg, FL here.

Visit Shuffleboard Club on a Friday Evening

The Shuffleboard Club serves as the city’s rehabilitation and rejuvenation center. The center has a love to create a sport for the sedentary. You can use a stick to slide the discs into a pyramid on the other side of the lane. With this, you can score the point where you have the discs. Discover facts about Exploring Interesting Places in St. Petersburg, FL.

Brewery and Bar Hopping Along Central Avenue

Neighboring Grand Central District and the EDGE District are the two major favorite districts in St Petersburg. If you don’t know this area, you will love it with the presence of many great little microbreweries and bars. St Petersburg is indeed creating quite a reputation for itself, even though the undoubted king of the craft beer movement in Florida is Dunedin, which is just an hour away. St Petersburg now has more than 30 craft breweries that pump out the good stuff. You will appreciate the city more when you pop into Cycle Brewing, Cage Brewing, Three Daughters Brewing, or Green Bench Brewing Company.

Brian Gilroy

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