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Can Prenuptial Agreement Protect My Future Assets

By: Brian Gilroy January 25, 2021 9:20 am

Can Prenuptial Agreement Protect My Future Assets

As a legal document, a prenuptial agreement is what couples use to determine the financial or other obligations that could happen in case of a partner’s death or divorce. The primary intention of the prenuptial agreement is to protect assets that you have when you get married. After the ceremony, you and your partner jointly own any property. When there is a divorce, the divorce proceedings will determine the equitable distribution of joint property. Learn information about St. Petersburg, FL here.

Protecting Future Assets by Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement

You may need to describe the future assets in specific detail if you want to protect future assets with a prenuptial agreement. Your spouse may anticipate getting a trust set up with their parents under their control. With the trust’s detailed description, a court judge will keep it separate as an individual property. Discover facts about Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement.

How You Can Protect Future Assets

You can protect future assets using after-the-ceremony strategies to separate assets from marital property, apart from the popular prenuptial agreement. With this guiding principle, you can keep these assets separate. You will also be able to keep some assets out of the marital pool, including real estate, retirement accounts, checking accounts, saving accounts, and other assets. Attorneys at BKG Mediation, LLC, St. Petersburg, will inform you more about protecting future assets with a prenuptial agreement.

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