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Fun Places to Visit in St. Petersburg, FL

By: Brian Gilroy January 21, 2021 1:34 am

Fun Places to Visit in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg is nicknamed Sunshine City because of its beautiful weather. Not only that, but it also boasts remarkable cultural experiences, farmer’s markets, craft breweries, excellent shopping, great national and state parks, highly-rated restaurants, and award-winning beaches. You will have a great experience finding some fun places in this city. Find further facts here.

Dally Down by the Marina

You will be missing out on a great experience if you are in St. Petersburg and don’t have a pelican encounter. You will find the astoundingly unattractive brown pelican being the city’s official bird on logos, caps, and even flags. You will enjoy hanging out at Arts districts and downtown EDGE. A stroll in the sunshine along with the Beach Drive and Bayshore Drive waterfront areas will give you a quintessentially pleasant Floridian vacation vibe with several green spaces, weekend-fishing boats, and yachts. Read about Fun Things to Do When You Visit St. Petersburg, FL here.

The Dali Museum

You will find the Dali Museum as some of the metropolitan hub up-state as the fifth largest. You will appreciate the religion, depth, and meaning of the surrealist art beyond his quirks and the popular melting clocks. Developed in 2011, the museum has a modern, bold hurricane-proof concrete design. This design alone is worthy of your attention, especially the pillar inside and the spiral staircase.

Brian Gilroy

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