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Fun Things to Do When You Visit St. Petersburg, FL

By: Brian Gilroy January 21, 2021 11:35 am

Fun Things to Do When You Visit St. Petersburg, FL

Glimmering between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, St. Petersburg is famous for its title of most consecutive days with sunshine and warm weather. St. Petersburg’s heart is downtown, as it is home to great attractions, bars, restaurants, and shopping. Click here for facts about St. Petersburg, FL.

Enjoy the Saturday Market

The best time you will enjoy visiting St. Petersburg is the weekend. Under the blue skies, the weekend is when the city’s social events, community, and culture come to the fore. Sop up any sign of a hangover after a Friday night under the floodlights with a substantial brunch. Make your way to the Saturday morning market. The market is the southeast USs largest, where people support local crafts and artisans, from homemade hot sauce families to typewriter poets. It is also where people dance to live music, buy fresh farm produce, and eat out. Click here to read about Outdoor Fun in St. Petersburg, FL.

Get On With Your Foodie

With water abundant around its surrounding, you will discover that the city takes seafood quite seriously. As such, it boasts several ocean-side eateries where you can get the country’s best grouper. You will be delighted to discover that St. Petersburg downtown, particularly the Edge District and central Arts, are teeming with all manner of vegan and veggie delights.

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