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St. Petersburg and Its Exciting Places

By: Brian Gilroy January 21, 2021 11:20 am

St. Petersburg and Its Exciting Places

The city of St. Petersburg enjoys about 361 days of clear skies in a year, and you will get so much to do when you visit the city. From parks to restaurants, museums, and many attractions, the Sunshine State has several exciting places you will want to visit. More can be found here.

St. Petersburg Museum of History

You will find some of the odd exhibit assortments that will excite you when visiting the St. Petersburg Museum of History. You find about a Tampa Bay Rays baseball exhibit, information on bay ecology, a 3000-year-old mummy, a Benoist plane full-size replica, and a two-headed calf. The museum is close to The Pier, and you can enjoy a remarkable view of downtown St. Petersburg and the marina. You will have something to learn about the city, with more than 30,000 artifacts on display. Learn more about St. Petersburg and Its Lovely Restaurants.

Weedon Island Preserve

The inspiration behind the creation of the Weedon Island Preserve was to reconnect people to the larger environment. The center serves as a home to various native animals and plant species with its 3,000-acre land at Tampa Bay. You can check out a backpack with many suggestions for valuable field guides and activities at this educational center. You will find it perfect to spend a day at the preserve, which is known for fishing and birding.

Brian Gilroy

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