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Top Best Things You Can Do in St. Petersburg, FL

Top Best Things You Can Do in St. Petersburg, FL

By: bgkmediation January 21, 2021 11:24 am

Top Best Things You Can Do in St. Petersburg, FL

You will find Florida’s Sunshine State will make perfect sense if you are searching for winter sun. Families may know some attractions like Orlando and Miami and their mouse-ears, film studios, and nightlife. However, there are several fun things you can do in this great city. More about St. Petersburg, FL can be seen here.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Are you looking for more out of the typical aquarium experience? The Clearwater Marine Aquarium will give you what you want. The center has a mission of Rescue, Rehab, and Release. As such, you can immerse yourself in the essential conservation work it is doing there. The staff at the place strives to provide marine mammals and preserve the environment using a strong future. Visit the center to get daily presentations, kayak excursions, café, camps, educational and fun movies, in-house theater, and much more. Click here to read about Top Public Golf Courses in St. Petersburg, FL.

Clearwater Beach

Why not experience a day trip to Clearwater and experience this Best Beach Town in America. The beach boasts night clubs, dinner cruises, family-friendly water sports, crystal clear water, and fabulous white sand.

The Manhattan Casino

If you fancy a bit of St. Petersburg history, visit the Manhattan Casino. Built-in 1925, the casino has had the past 40 years contributing immensely to the African American community and culture. The casino hosts Gospel Sunday brunches every Sunday, and you can have a meal at Sylvia’s Queen of Soul Food Restaurant.