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What to Do For Fun at St. Petersburg, FL

What to Do For Fun at St. Petersburg, FL

By: bgkmediation January 21, 2021 11:26 am

What to Do For Fun at St. Petersburg, FL

Anyone will find out that St. Petersburg still has some of the resort-town flavors that its founders cherished back in the days. The city is a community of sailboats, endless sunshine, porpoises, and pelicans. If you are looking for fun things to do when you visit St. Petersburg, you can take advantage of the city’s museums, parks, restaurants, and other recreational centers. Learn information about St. Petersburg, FL here.

Historic Kenwood

If you are looking for charm in St. Petersburg, go straight to the Historic Kenwood neighborhood. You will see historic bungalows lined up with trees on the brick roads. They constructed most of the houses between 1912 and 1945. As such, you will see various architectural styles, such as Dutch Colonial Revival, Mission, Prairie, Ranch, Tudor Revival, Minimal Traditional, and much more. Discover facts about What To Do in St. Petersburg, FL.

The Chihuly Collection

It is expected to find Dale Chihuly’s work in the Louvre in Paris, Albert Museum in London, and Metropolitan Museum in New York. However, you may need to visit St. Petersburg if you are looking for his permanent collection. As part of the Morean Arts Center, you will find it in a simple marble and wood building. They designed the exhibit uniquely to display some of his exceptional collection. They reveal the 20-foot cerise ‘rocks’ at the entrance and the Ruby Red Icicle Chandelier.