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Why Your Prenuptial Agreement Can Be Invalid

By: Brian Gilroy January 25, 2021 11:19 am

Why Your Prenuptial Agreement Can Be Invalid

Until recently, people considered prenuptial agreement difficult to void. That is why you need to have a thoughtfully conceived prenuptial agreement in place if you are about to go into marriage to protect your financial interests. However, it doesn’t happen that someone who signed an agreement and the partner wants a divorce will have defensible grounds for revoking the contract. Look here for more about St. Petersburg, FL

You Signed Without Proper Legal Representation

The two spouses to a prenuptial agreement need to have independent and separate counsel. You might not have an ironclad agreement if your wealthy fiancé arranged for the agreement if the marriage ends later in the year. It is a bad idea to sign a contract without legal representation. Click here to read about Why You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement.

You Don’t File the Paperwork Properly

As with any other contract, you must ensure proper documentation of your prenuptial agreement. You won’t get an airtight prenuptial agreement when there are careless errors. It can also be invalid if you and your spouse didn’t draft the initial agreement.

Signing Agreement Under Duress

This situation can also extend to signing a prenuptial agreement without mental capacity, or you are coerced. You could have a sound reason to invalidate a prenuptial agreement if you were under the influence or ill. As such, you lacked the mental capacity to understand the agreement.

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